Last Wild Things (click song for lyrics)
  1. All the Love in Heaven (Runyon)
  2. Last Wild Thing (Runyon)
  3. Holler Girls (Lucas/Runyon)
  4. I Don't Have a Care (Runyon)
  5. Friday Fred (Lucas/Runyon)
  6. Long Way Down (Runyon)
  7. Elvis Johnson (Lucas/Runyon)
  8. Never Quit Going (Runyon)
  9. Home Sweet Mobile Home Blues (Lucas/Runyon)
  10. Thistles in the Field (Lucas/Runyon)
  11. Dark Poet (Runyon)
  12. The Ballad of Jethro Bodine (Runyon)
  13. Life's Hard Life's Fast (Runyon)
  14. Mando Monty (Runyon)
  15. Beans and Rice (Lucas/Runyon)
  16. Eugene (Lucas/Runyon)
  17. Salmon Song (Runyon)
  18. Next Time Jack's Back (Runyon)
  19. Gone Gone Gone (Runyon)
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